03 July 2011:

For a few fun hours on a pleasant Sunday afternoon on Main Street, Maine, scores of fittingly dressed Grease fans stood in hopeless devotion to the 1950. They ate hot dogs and drank pop. Vicariously, they cheered at pep rallies, danced and swang, drag-raced. Maybe they even fell in and out of love. But one thing's for sure, they came away with smiles after enjoying our annual Fourth of July weekend celebration featuring the memorable movie Grease.

Leading up to the event, you could even witness a little antic dancing to popular '50s tunes—which seemed to get everyone in the mood to sing along with Danny and Sandy during the show.

Be sure mark your calendars for the weekend of the Fourth next year!

More photos in our gallery!

The Saltwater Film Society's Oscar Night
Photo ©2011 Amanda Osborne

The Saltwater Film Society's Oscar Night 2011
27 February 2011:

It went off without a hitch. Our fashion-conscious local elite local sashayed down the red carpet to watch their la-di-da Hollywood counterparts accept a series of shiny gold statuettes. All in high-definition, on the Big Screen. Our first Oscar Night Raffle went well also, with a lucky winner taking home brand new Apple iPad. ({roceeds go to support our non-profit programs.) Plus, we gave away a heap of door prizes—including a copy of 80 Years of the Oscar: The Official History of the Academy Awards and a Strand Theatre ten-show movie card.

Check out the photos in our gallery!

2010 Events

The Saltwater Film Society's Frankenfest
October 22, 2010:

An enthusiastic crowd of horror-moviegoers of all ages converged on The Strand Theatre in Rockland to see two classic Frankenstein films back to back: Frankenstein, the original 1931 movie (featuring Boris Karloff as the monster), and the 1974 Mel Brooks comedy, Young Frankenstein (featuring Peter Boyle as the monster).

Many dressed the part—or donned other frightening costumes to get a jump on Halloween.

For a photographic tour of the event, visit our gallery page.

South PacificJuly 03, 2010:

Everyone's been "happy-talking" about our popular Fourth of July weekend celebration at The Strand Theatre in Rockland—an event co-presented by the SFS and The Strand and featuring the 52-year-old blockbuster musical South Pacific, newly restored. And if the 1958 classic itself wasn't enough, we threw our annual summer Block Party outside the theater, complete with food, drink, iced desserts, and a Polynesian theme.

As usual, we offered a scholarly introduction to the colorful classic beforehand—and a lucky few received giveaways at intermission. We even had moviegoers singing along with the celebrated score.

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Surf Film Fest
April 24, 2010:

Surfing fanatics from as far as several states away showed up at The Strand Theatre for Rockland's first Surf Film Festival, presented jointly by the Strand and SFS. Five films featured off-season surfing, little-known surfing spots, women surfers, and subcultures of surfers obsessed with the ocean. The line-up: Dear and Yonder; Ishmael; Little Black Wheels; Powers of Three; 180° SouthThe Maine premiere!

The event included a display of traditional wooden surfboards by Grain Surfboards, of York, Maine, "The Art of Surfing," an art show by Corduroy Gallery, of Portland, and food and refreshments at intermission provided by Café Miranda. Attendees were raving afterward—and asking if we'd present another surfing film event in the future..

See photos here!

Oscars Live07 March 2010:

Our annual Big Screen Oscar Celebration drew hundreds of well-dressed red-carpet-walkers to The Strand Theatre in Rockland. Boos, jeers, laughter, and applause filled the theater—and we gave away a number of valuable prizes, as always.

If you weren't there, well, consider yourself square—and resolve to attend next year.

Revisit the memories here!

2009 Events

Yun Ko, The Red Heroine
October 25, 2009:
We were delighted to welcome back Devil Music Ensemble for the third straight year to accompany a little-known martial arts classic, Red Heroine. The amazing trio played a miraculous array of instruments this time around: Tim Nylander (drums, chinese percussion); Jonah Rapino (electric violin, vibraphone, lapsteel, synthesizer, and erhu (chinese 2 string violin)); Brendon Wood (electric guitar, lap steel, synthesizer, and electric guqin (chinese lap steel)).

The event was a co-presentation with The Farnsworth Art Museum.

Hard Days NightJuly 5, 2009:
In marked contrast to our annual February event, our 2009 Fourth of July Weekend celebration brought glorious weather and hundreds of movie- (and Beatles-) lovers to The Strand Theatre's Fourth Grand Reopening Anniversary. Seems A Hard Day's Night, featuring the Fab Four at their finest, will do that.

For a walk down Penny... er, Memory Lane click here.

February 22, 2009:
Uncooperative weather put a bit of a kibosh on the SFS's second annual "Hollywood's Biggest Night" celebration at the The Strand Theatre—but an abbreviated party is better than none at all. And those who, taking advantage of the free admission, donned fancy clothes and braved the heavy snow managed still to have plenty of fun. (And several even went home with our customary, diverse selection of DVD door prizes.)

As always, we've got photos.

2008 Events

Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeOctober 25, 2008: A double dose of horror came to The Strand Theatre on Saturday, October 25, 2008: Devil Music Ensemble made a return Halloween-time visit to provide a live score for the silent classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

The event proved even more popular than its 2007 counterpart (Nosferatu, the Vampyre, see below), with a near-sellout, doorprizes (as usual), and inspiring costumes (also as usual).

To witness the fun, click here.

West Side Story06 July 2008: It was an event to remember. Fourth of July weekend. Perfect summer weather. A block party on Rockland's Main Street, followed by West Side Story on the big screen at The Strand.

In the sunny afternoon, a juggler, tap dancer, and saxophonist entertained the crowd. People chowed down on free hotdogs and lemonade. By showtime, there were no tickets to be had. All in all, a fitting celebration of the third anniversary of the Grand Reopening of The Strand.

Take a peek at some photos!

May 31, 2008: Blade Runner BriefcaseSomebody won this impressive DVD collection the night the SFS presented Blade Runner on (fittingly) a rainy evening. Nearly every seat was occupied, the audience was riveted, and afterward a few debates sprang up about whether directory Ridley Scott's preferred ending was better or worse than the original release's.

View photos here.

Free Oscars® PartyFebruary 24, 2008: The joint... that is, The Strand Theatre... was jumping during the 2008 Oscars® ceremony, as the SFS hosted a free live broadcast of Hollywoods biggest event on the big sreen.

The writer's strike having ended in the nick of time, local "stars" answered the call, strutted along the red carpet, accepted awards, feigned shock, and brushed back tears—all amid applause, cheers, and a look back at the year's most memorable movies.

Click here to view a gallery of photos from our Oscars®: Party.

Nosferatu, the Vampyre2007 Events

October 27, 2007: A silent horror masterpiece came to The Strand Theatre in Rockland—just before Halloween. So did the not-so-silent Devil Music Ensemble, who provided an inspired score for Nosferatu, the Vampyre.

Despite a downpour (and the Red Sox playing in a World Series game) that evening, interest was high in this first-ever vampire movie—which doubtless fueled unsettling dreams for the nearly 200 people in attendance.

July 8, 2007: A yellow brick road figured prominently in the Saltwater Film Society's annual summer celebration at The Strand Theatre in Rockland, Maine, on July 8. The SFS's sceening of The Wizard of Oz drew a sold-out house on a drizzly Sunday afternoon.

February 17, 2007: An ape got the respect he deserved during the SFS's "Red Carpet Robberies" presentation—King Kong.

In addition to movies, all our events feature speakers, snacks, movie trivia contests, and other diversions. And event-goers are encouraged to show up in costume when they arrive at the beautiful Strand Theatre.

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Past SFS Events...
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Hollywood's Biggest Party
Winter finery graced the red carpet as the SFS invited the whole community to a free Oscars© Night celebration. (Odds are this will be an annual wing-ding, so mark your calendars now!)

The Saltwater Film Society presents Hollywood's Biggest Awards Ceremony
©2008 Amanda Osborne

The Saltwater Film Society presents Nosferatu
©2007 Amanda Osborne

An impressive turnout sat transfixed the evening of 27 October, 2007, as Devil Music Ensemble performed a perfectly haunting score to Nosferatu (1922), the world's first vampire movie.

The Wizard of Oz
Dorothy and her entourage were all on hand for the SFS's sceening of The Wizard of Oz on July 8, 2007, part of the Strand Theatre's annual summer celebration. In fact, the colorful classic drew a sold-out house on a drizzly Sunday afternoon.

The Saltwater Film Society presents The Wizard of Oz
©2007 Amanda Osborne

The Saltwater Film Society presents King Kong
©2007 Amanda Osborne

King Kong
The ape got the statuette, as the SFS presented King Kong (the 1933 original) in our second annual Red Carpet Robberies event. To lend an air of authenticity, some old guy in a gorilla suit loped about the lobby of The Strand Theatre amid the famous screams of actress Fay Wray.

Star Trektacular
Another jammed house at The Strand Theatre on December 3, 2006, as fans of the Starfleet flocked to the Saltwater Film Society's celebration of the 40th anniversary of the popular science fiction franchise. Special guest Jonathan Frakes (a.k.a., Commander William T. Riker, first officer of the Enterprise) was on hand for a lively question-and-answer session after a showing of Star Trek: First Contact (1996), which he directed.

The Saltwater Film Society' Star Trektacular
©2006 Joshua Bright

The Saltwater Film Society presents Gone with the Wind
©2006 Joshua Bright

Gone with the Wind
The Saltwater Film Society's presentation of Gone with the Wind was a rousing success along the lines of the original 1939 premiere of the historic motion picture. The sold-out event featured free hot dogs and lemonade, couples in period costume—even a 1942 Cadillac once owned by GWTW producer David O. Selznick. The affair was part of The Strand Theatre's special First Anniversary celebration on Sunday, July 2, 2006.

Red Carpet Robberies!
The SFS seeks justice for filmmakers who produced greatness only to be robbed of their Oscar by a celluloid sell-out. Hence our presentation in March 2006 of Red Carpet Robberies, featuring three films that have a convincing claim to being the finest of their respective years of release: Citizen Kane (1941), A Star Is Born (1955), and The Last Picture Show (1971). Not only is it the SFS's hope to call attention to deserving films and initiate friendly and fruitful dialogue about cinema and its merits—it's also fun to dress to the nines for the paparazzi.

The Saltwater Film Society presents Red Carpet Robberies
©2006 Joshua Bright

The Saltwater Film Society presents the Maine Spook-A-Thon
©2005 Joshua Bright

Maine Spook-A-Thon!
We screamed with laughter, we squirmed with horror, and we thoroughly enjoyed an evening of essential 1950s Sci-Fi / Horror films, presented at the end of October 2005. On the program were Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1958), It Came from Outer Space (1953), and that Vincent Price classic, House on Haunted Hill. (Alas, there was a problem with Outer Space, so we didn't get to see that 3-D masterpiece—but the packed Strand Theatre hardly noticed.) Sponsored by Fangoria, The Free Press, and Fright Catalog.

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